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Antagonist - Thrash Metal
Banished Reality - Thrash/Death Metal with german Lyrics
Bonehouse - Hardcore
Brett Pit - Thrash Metal
Burning Butthairs - Death/Grind
Coercion - Death Metal
Coroner - Unofficial Website
Cryptic Wintermoon - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Dawn Crosby - Memorial Site
Death - German Death Tribute Page
Death Reality - Death Metal
Defloration - Death Metal
Delirious - Thrash Metal
Deny The Urge - Death Metal
Destruction - Official Website
Dew-Scented - Thrash Metal
Dionysus - Heavy Metal
Exodus - Official Website
Final Breath - Thrash Metal
Headshot - Thrash Metal
Hellfish - Rock'n'Roll
Icheherntion - Death Metal
Izegrim - Thrash Metal
Jack Slater - Brütal Death Metal
Kreator - Official Website
Lunar Eclipse - Death/Thrash Metal
Mark Protze - Official Website
Messiah - Official Website
Mirto Massaker - Official Website
Nasty Savage - Official Website
Olaf Hayer - Singer of Luca Turilli, Dionysus
Pigskin - Metalcore
Profanity - Death Metal
Protector - Tribute To Protector
Purgatory - Death Metal
Reckless Tide - Thrash Metal
Requiem (Ralf / Ex-UPPERCUT) - Death Metal
Revolt - Thrash Metal
Ralf Winzer Garcia (Ex-UPPERCUT) - Bass Player
Stolen Pleasure - Death Metal
Symbiontic - Death Metal
Tankard - Official Website
The Atmosfear - Death Metal
Transgression - Death Metal
Very Wicked - Death Metal
Wasteland - Thrash Metal
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B58 - Braunschweig
Beat-Club - Braunschweig
Forellenhof - Salzgitter
K17 - Berlin
Kaschpa - Wolfsburg
Labor - Hannover
Nord-Pol-Events - Bremen
Rosenkeller - Jena
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Delicious Bowels - Death Metal Webzine
Eternity - Metal Magazine - Metal Online Magazine
Gryphonmetal - Metal Online Magazine
G.U.C. - Metal Label, Magazine
Legacy - Metal Magazine
Metalinside - Metal Online Magazine
Metalstorm - Metal Online Magazine
Schwermetall - Metal Online Magazine
Still Online - Underground Information (Belgium)
Thrash 'Till Death - German Thrash Metal Webzine
Twilight - Print and Online Magazine
From The Dark Side
- Death, Thrash and Black Metal
  Online Magazine
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Ralf Winzer - Uppercut`s Bassplayer
Bandliste - Bands, Concerts, Locations
The BNR Metal Pages - Internet heavy metal encyclopedia
Cudgel Agency - Mailorder, Label
Demon666 - The Old School Demo Resource
Metal Chaos - Festival
Painkiller - All Kinds of Metal in Hannover - Live Pictures
Rock Harz - Open Air
Till Burgwächter - Juhr Gait Tu Hewi Metäll
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